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What is a scary fire?

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    Re: What is a scary fire?

    Inside height of dome-22"
    Inside height of door-19"


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      Re: What is a scary fire?

      That might be your problem. The "magic ratio" is a door height of 63% of your inside dome height.

      The theory being that the hot fumes from your fire have time to give up their heat in the dome before cooling and exiting the door.

      Is there any way you can make an "insert" to reduce the effective door height to 14 inches or so ?


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        Re: What is a scary fire?

        Thanks for your reply, yes, I'm currently working on a modification to the door. I have just heard from my supplier that another owner of the same oven has fired it to the right temps without issue. I have a feeling it might be my fires or the type of wood I'm burning. I use Red Gum bought at a local service station, perhaps it's just not generating enough flame and heat? I must say I'm getting a little fed up with everything, I was hoping to light fires and eat pizza's. I have become very concerned since reading the write up on barrel ovens on this site, apparently they're are a poor choice for pizza lovers.


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          Re: What is a scary fire?

          Originally posted by Mitchamus View Post
          PM = Private Message - have a look on the screen where is says 'Welcome Enzo'

          It will now say:

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          Before you get disheartened with your oven - give it a good long burn for about 6 hours.

          No need to create Mt Doom In there, just keep a nice fire ticking over for half a day, this will drive out any latent moisture still in the oven.

          And don't trying to cook a pizza unless the roof & walls have burned white!

          Did you insulate the oven?

          Did you build it from a kit?

          If so which one? It looks like a Woody
          I just feel like a woody!


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            Re: What is a scary fire?

            Originally posted by enzo View Post
            apparently they're are a poor choice for pizza lovers.

            We're talking about burning wood inside a pile of bricks.

            It's not the space shuttle.

            No-one has scientifically tested the two designs (with identical construction - except vault shape) side by side.

            The comparison is done against an Alan Scott design, which has bucket loads of thermal mass, and poor insulation.
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              Re: What is a scary fire?

              Yeah! you're right Mitch, I think some people are a bit precious about their ovens. I'm sure that you couldn't taste the difference if both ovens are used correctly! From the sounds of things the Pompeii is probably easier and quicker to use, but that's about it.

              Thanks for your help on this matter, I'll keep you posted on my progress.