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How Heat Works

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    Well I like the graphic

    I'm in the early planning stages, and while I love pizza, I'm more excited about baking bread and I'm willing to spend a bit more time heating up to get to do multiple batches of bread and slow roast some meats.


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      There is a short paragraph or two in the original plans that discuss adding an extra layer of firebrick under the floor to achieve more thermal mass, and therefore, longer cooking times. The downside is that this takes more time to heat up when you are not planning on extended cooking times.

      I do not know if this would be a practical solution, but my thought was to keep a handful of firebricks that I could (in theory) lay out a smaller floor on top of my permanent cooking floor when I want to do longer days of bread baking. Nothing fancy, just a layer of firebrick or firebrick splits that don't have to conform to the shape of my floor (maybe a smaller square that doesn't have to touch dome walls) that would be easy to install / remove when the oven is cool.
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