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  • Raw Pizza

    My oven is reading 800 Degree's with the lazer. The top of the pizza is cooking well but the bottom of my Pies are raw. I let the coals sit for 30 minutes after the oven is 700 to 800 degrees. Not sure if using the Pizzeria Dough instead of making my own is an issue also?

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    Re: Raw Pizza

    How hot is the floor, is the oven insulated, is the oven cured, who really did shoot JR?
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      Re: Raw Pizza

      Thanks so much for the informative answer. I will keep trying!!


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        Re: Raw Pizza

        I'd suggest measuring the floor temp. Should be 650-700 at least to get nice leoparding on your crust. At that temp, pizza will cook under 2 minutes and no way it is raw!

        But if you are waiting 30 minutes after the oven hits 700-800 degrees - your floor temp has probably dropped to the 500 range. Check it with the IR. Also, you might want to read up on fire management. You need to have a live flame in your oven while you are cooking pizza or it will cool too much. There is a really good chapter on this in the book The Art of Wood Fired Cooking - which just happens to be available online from google books. Read that for sure!
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