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  • 900 F, Where

    I have used the wood-fired pizza oven (Premio) about 15 times now, with generally great success. 900 f on the oven floor seems to be too hot and the pizza tends to be done too quickly and easily burned. I have one of those guns which takes the temperature to guide me.

    Where do others take a snapshot to determine the right temp? 900 on the floor means almost 1050 at the dome. What floor temperature should I aim to hit? Cheers everyone!

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    I have read where some of the "certified" pizza cooking schools shoot for cooking at 900 F but I just cooked last night for a party of 10 at around 700 F on the floor and doming the pizzas if needed and had no problem with production.

    I guess I equate cooking at 900 F is like being a NASCAR driver driving at 200 MPH vs me tooling down the freeway at 65 MPH, Try cooking at a lower temp and see how it works for you.
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      In order to cook at 900F you need to have a very low thermal conductivity on your floor material. You also need to have your dough set up properly. Yo will want to use a flour like Caputo 00. Also a hydration of about 62% to 65% as a minimum. You can go up a little from there if you want to. You can also use the same dough at lower temps to learn how to use the oven. So you mostly need to learn how to cook at lower temps and if you want slowly crank it up and try it . See where you like it best. I like in the 750F range and as get over 800F it gets to be more work.