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1st post from newbie on heat for natural gas pizza oven

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  • 1st post from newbie on heat for natural gas pizza oven

    Hi everyone, first and foremost happy new year! This forum is filled with such great information that will help me along the way of my pizza oven build.

    Let's start by the basics, I am building a pizza oven the floor will be fire bricks sides and top steel. The pizza oven will go into my outdoor fireplace above (about 2 feet)where my logs sit. I do not intend to use the oven while there is a fire going. Now I'm very good with my hands, I've pretty much built an outdoor kitchen, a deck, a modern style fire pit. Ran electricity 120 and 240, piped all the natural gas for the fire pit, outdoor kitchen and the fireplace. So theres no shortage of experience for the hands on part.

    My question after building myself up. Lol. I want to make my pizza oven natural gas. I have a 1 inch pipe running so plenty of gas to the fireplace. I'm going to build the burner for the inside and was wondering this. Does the burner just go on the back wall? Can it be on all 3 sides or do you need at least one side with no flames to control the cooking process? Do you suggest I put a burner underneath the over as well to heat the bricks up?
    Sorry this turned out longer than I wanted.