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  • Fire placement

    What is the best fire placement? Back or side?

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    Depends on what part of the process you are asking about. I start fires up front and center and move the pile back to the middle till the center of the dome starts to clear. Then all the way back (till that clears) then left and right to get all of the dome free of soot. If I am cooking with a live fire I always push the pile to one side or the other. One of my first pizzas I had the fire in the back and could not see what was happening to the crust on the back side - that was the part I had to eat as nobody wanted charcoal crust ;-) Fire on the side also allows you to add wood without having to reach over and or drop something on your food.
    PS, I see you are new to the forum. Where are you at in the WFO journey? Do you have an oven, are in the process of building/planning one, or just trying to decide if you want to jump in?
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