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Meat probe thermometer?

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  • Meat probe thermometer?

    Good evening ladies and gents,

    What type of probe thermometers are out there that will withstand the 700+ degree heat of the oven? Or what is your suggestion? My oven was just completed and I am trying to make sure I have all the accessories I need. I was looking at recipes and noticed there were cuts of meat and obviously internal temp would need to be taken into account. I am just worried about the wiring on some of these temp probes melting?

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    First off, you will probably not be cooking meats with the oven at 700 degrees - at least not ones that you are not minding and turning like steaks and at those temperatures (and higher) you are going to be charred on the outside and pink on the inside (where you wouldn't use a thermometer anyway). Typically when I am baking meat with the door shut the oven is never hotter than 500 (chicken) and usually below 400. The family got me a bluetooth thermometer (mine is called Meater) and it handles the temperatures just fine. There is a warning to keep the probe inserted into the meat up to where it is marked on the shank as there are thermocouples in the exposed end that can handle higher temperatures and ones on the food side that will be damaged by higher oven ambient temps.
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      Originally posted by MK7310 View Post

      I am just worried about the wiring on some of these temp probes melting?
      Most of the wired probes are good for between 570 & 700⁰f which should be more than enough for roasting.
      Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer is good for 700⁰. ThermoPro TP20 is a bit cheaper and good for 572⁰ but there are dozens of others available. You could just use a handheld if your worried about the cables. Thermapen One or the cheaper Thermopop but again many different ones available.