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Extinguishing the Fire Post-Cook

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  • Extinguishing the Fire Post-Cook

    Once the cook is done, is there a fast way to put the fire out in addition to simply closing the door? I find that the oven smokes too long after a cook and lingers in the yard.

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    I think most of us spread the remaining fire/wood/coals over the cooking floor to burn off any pizza remnants & leave the door off until there's just coals left. Usually pretty natural to do that as you're enjoying the last pizza. Closing the door on an oven with just coals shouldn't produce smoke. Gulf does this and finds the charcoal that results helps get his next fire get going faster (like starting with briquettes in the old forgotten BBQ ). It sounds like you're leaving too much of an active fire & too much unburned wood in the oven when you shut it down, so try reducing the amount of wood you add as you approach the end of the pizza session. I also enjoy having that dying fire as my backdrop for the after dinner adult beverage.
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      Also, you learn to use thinner and thinner fire-wood pieces near the end. So that soon after the last pizza there is nothing but small embers to spread over the floor.


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        Plus 1, it also acts as a "self cleaning" of the floor from cheese, tomato or food spills.
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