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round vs oval ovens

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  • round vs oval ovens

    Dear James,

    I have two option for wood fire oven for my restaurant, first of all i barely have 160cm for width.

    Option 1
    get the 120 with outside dimentions of 160x170 and fits 5/6 pizzas

    or the 120x160 with outside dimentions of 160x210 and fits 8/9 pizzas

    The width problem is solved but i want to know what are the negative affects of having an oval oven instead of a round one in terms of baking practicality, wood consumption, peel lenghts or any other details you can help with.
    Since i am delivery pizza i rather have a bigger oven but i dont want to sacrifice the quality of the pizza just to fit more pizzas in the oven. The pizzaiolos may not have the perfect experience afterall.
    Any other advices?

    oh and please what do you think about wood ovens that can eject towards the outside the moisture made during the baking

    Thank you and best regards to forno bravo team

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    Re: round vs oval ovens

    Sorry to be so long in getting a response...somehow overlooked your post...I am not sure how to answer that with regard to the shape of the oven...are you focusing primarily on pizza with no real priority on bread baking...the shape does not have so much of an effect as the thickness of the thermal mass of the oven does...the Artigiano series from FornoBravo are oval in shape and are true brick
    As for the external vent...not a good thing with a brick oven...the extra hole in the oven dome would make your oven terribly inefficient...besides that moist convected heat is what makes cooking in these ovens so much fun!
    Hope this helps!
    "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
    "Build at least two brick ovens...one to make all the mistakes on and the other to be just like you dreamed of!" Dutch