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Oven temperature>>>barrel v dome

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    Re: Oven temperature>>>barrel v dome

    Cheryl, I forgot to mention the door - you definitely need a good door. I got a door from Forno Bravo with the oven but I got it insulated (same guy who made the grill) and then he built an outer door for me. Since these two improvements my oven maintains heat so much better.

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      Re: Oven temperature>>>barrel v dome

      The bone of contention between the two styles of oven is insulation... which effectively is a construction preference.. not really a design issue...

      The igloo style ovens on this site use lots of insulation, a property you can easily transpose to your barrel oven design.
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        Re: Oven temperature>>>barrel v dome

        Hi, this question really is for Annie about her oven doors. Would you share how you modified the FB-supplied door to make it more insulating? Also, do you have any pix of the outer door you mentioned?

        I have a Toscana 39" (which is built around the Casa 100). The door is not a tight fit and gets really hot. So I've been thinking about finding a way to insulate it better for baking breads/retaining heat.

        It would be great to learn from your experiences.

        Thanks in advance.


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          Re: Oven temperature>>>barrel v dome

          hey guys,

          ive almost finished building an alan scott barrel oven also...would be great to see some of your barrel pics!

          i'll get mine up soon too...

          im interested in how they perform etc...