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Burner Tech Support

Forno Bravo has implemented an on line resource for our Commercial Customers to easily access technical information on their ovens.

Included in this section are the following items:

Type 1 Hood Design

FAQ for Burner Support

Wiring Diagram for your control box

Manuals for many of the component parts

Factory Settings for the Omega Control module

Recommended Spare Parts list

Just follow the link below and you can get their. Of course, you can always call in for support during our normal business hours or create a ticket through our on line support email.


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Gas fire option

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  • Gas fire option

    I am wondering if anybody else has installed the Forno bravo gas fired option in their pizza oven, I opted for it with ours and it never works it continually gos into flame fail. I would wonder if it wouldn't be better to to buy a propane torch to assist getting the fire going.

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    Re: Gas fire option

    Is there sufficient ventilation beneath your oven floor to draw air to feed the flame?
    Also, the burner isn't really meant to assist in getting the fire started. It's meant to replace or augment your wood firing.


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      Re: Gas fire option

      The burner just sucks and for $4000 bucks I expected a lot more and better support. Support from Forno bravo is almost impossible to achieve if they even answer the phone. It is just my advise to anyone not to invest the money.
      Use wood as the oven was designed to, I only use the gas to heat the flue and chimney to get the smoke flowing once the fire is going the oven works flawlessly.


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        Re: Gas fire option

        You might be able to criticize forno bravo on some things, but I certainly don't think their gas burner is one of them. They use not only the best gas burner for masonry style pizza ovens, they use basically the only suitable one on the market. It is the same burner used on every quality gas fired masonry oven on the market, including all of the top italian modular oven manufacturers and even some of the traditional Neapolitan manufacturers who offer a gas option.

        That certainly doesn't ok the lack of service you have received. Have you tried contacting the burner manufacturer? It's sad that it would come to that, but in the end they will probably be able to provide better information anyway.


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          Re: Gas fire option

          I would guess that all things being equal, i should have been fore warned when i tried top purchase the oven as it seemed impossible to get in touch with any one and only after i sent a strongly worded email informing them that i was trying to give them $10,000 to purchase a oven did they finally respond to me.
          The oven product is great (Professionale)the burner just doesnt work when you want, i have had several calls with Forno Bravo and nothing was ever resolved. I would think that for $4000 and under warrenty they would have replaced something to get it to work. I actually just gave up trying to get in touch with them, the number of times i called and the phones were out of service, i was told the number was not a working number, only after emailing and complaining did someone finally contact me, all very poor and not a good feeling as for me as $10 grand doesnt grow on trees. I really just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issues and how they solved it. ie continually going into flame fail.


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            Re: Gas fire option

            Hi Tribe,
            First, our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. We strive to provide the best customer service possible.

            With the holidays and our relocation to a new office and warehouse, our phone lines have been down. Please private message me with a phone number where you can be reached and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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              Re: Gas fire option


              It looks like your noble patience has indeed been rewarded. Let us know what remedies ensue in light of your distance. I am sure the FB folks will quickly respond and rectify your situation.