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Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

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  • Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

    We are looking at FINALLY installing our Professionale TE120 in our 25' enclosed car hauler trailer and I could use some advice.

    I know it has to sit above the axles to make it easier to tow but we have decided we want the oven on one side of the trailer so we can move around it. My metal worker friend has suggested a 'trolly' system and is very confident that we can move the oven into the centre for transport without any issues.

    I would like to know what the best height is for one of these ovens to make sure our backs don't take too much stress from bending over all the time.

    I am open to hearing anything you fine folk have to offer about design of our stand or trailer but what I am really concerned with is the height.

    Thanks so much!

    Matt in Ontario, Canada

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    Re: Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

    does anyone have any insight? I'd hate to have it at the wrong height...

    What height do you guys have your ovens at?



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      Re: Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

      Well I haven't finished mine yet and I am surprised no one has answered this simple question but if you are my height - 6" (183cm) then the height I have built mine is 1.1m to the hearth from ground level.
      I chose this based on what other people have said on this forum.


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        Re: Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

        The height is a preference thing, put it where you want. I usually build them at just above elbow height.
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          Re: Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.


          Smart move thinking through all of these fine details. Oven height is VERY important. It is definitely a matter of preference and based on ergonomics of the people who will be using it. I designed my oven at 42" based on standard bar-table height. My family is on the shorter side. My youngest daughter complains it is too high for her and wants me to build a step. I also set up a mock-WFO (i.e. WFO-simulator) and had my family step up and simulate making a pizza. For me, 42 inches seemed the best and I have no complaints.


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            Re: Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

            Hi Smokehouse

            I built mine 1.1 metres and it is fine for me. I can use it fine and those seated outside can see the show happening inside the oven as well. It is like Stonecutter said, it is about personal preference.

            Good luck with it.
            Cheers ......... Steve

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              Re: Looking for advice on install for PRO TE120.

              Around elbow height is the general consensus, but you get used to whatever height you have. There is another problem regarding this decision for a mobile oven and that is centre of gravity. What might be ideal when working the oven may be less than ideal when transporting it. A high centre of gravity, particularly if your trailer has a single axle can create some nasty surprises. Suggest you make the working height lower than you'd prefer so the centre of gravity is not too high. Your trolley idea is a good one. Mine is on a trolley and I roll it on and off my trailer each time it is used so I can use the trailer for other stuff.
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