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60'' internal oven

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  • 60'' internal oven

    Hi am new to your forum and have been reading a number of posts and have found a few others wanting a larger oven, it may be to cook a lager number of dishes or 5 12" 4 minute thicker pizzas at one time (you may have one person dedicated to operation of the oven ) or simply a larger number of bead loafs after cooling down.
    I also am looking to open a wood fire pizza restaurant and using the oven to cook the entire menu as do many others in Victoria.
    Yes I may need two oven but am looking for a bigger oven 60" or larger can any one help with plans.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 60'' internal oven

    Welcome, certainly the large oven topic has been discussed here a fair amount, please search the forum for details. The short of it is that when you get over two - three pizzas at a time you really need a dedicated oven manager to control the fire (wood) as well as keep the pizza moving. For that to be efficient, you really need a dedicated pizza assembler as well. A larger oven will also consume more wood. All of this may make sense commercially, but hard to make it practical for home use. Keeping my 42" oven working at capacity is a challenge even with 1 or 2 good helpers.


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      Re: 60'' internal oven

      hey guys, im from new zealnd and am currently in the process of buliding a oven with a cooking surface of 1.6m 64". will post pics when i have an oppurtunity.
      i am putting it ina restaurant where we serve fresh hand made pasta aswell.


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        Re: 60'' internal oven

        Good luck Hewynz! 1.6 m is large...can you expound a bit on how you plan to build it. I look forward to pics
        "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
        "Build at least two brick ovens...one to make all the mistakes on and the other to be just like you dreamed of!" Dutch


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          Re: 60'' internal oven

          im going to bulid it exaclty the same way that you would normally bulid it just by doing some maths.. with the original dimensions.. then wham bam thank you mam.. but yes wil post pics..


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            Re: 60'' internal oven

            Hewynz can you show us your maths so we can all see?


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              Re: 60'' internal oven

              rougly all i did was converted inches in to centimeters.. then worked backwards.. 42' = 160cm/1.6m..(roughly) every extra inch converts to so many extra.. cm/mm. yea find it is also to convert inches in to millimeters.. then multiply very slowly.

              it took me ages but i got there.. if you put your mind to it you can do anything..

              i would attach what i have i done but it exceeds the file size..
              hope dosent confuse you too much feel free to ask me more


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                Re: 60'' internal oven

                Hewy, when does the work begin? Let's get the shovel and break ground, call the mayor, get news on it
                An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

                Acoma's Tuscan:


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                  Re: 60'' internal oven

                  work begins early next year.. the sooner the better god dam it..
                  am also having hooks installed in the top of the dome so i can hang my meat off the ground. the oven is going to very inter-disciplinary.
                  will keep all posted with pictures...


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                    Re: 60'' internal oven

                    Bumping this back to the top. Curious if construction has begun or not.


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                      Re: 60'' internal oven

                      Still researching the plans but am hoping to start construction in around 3 to 4 months will keep you all posted


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                        Re: 60'' internal oven

                        Just built a 1.1 Meter oven cooks in under 60 secs will be stating 60'' soon


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                          Re: 60'' internal oven

                          Congrats Phillip!!

                          Please post some photos!!! and share more of your 60" plans with us.

                          My oven progress -


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                            Re: 60'' internal oven

                            i built a five footer about a year ago. my math was simular. my place has been open for six months. i like the size but at top temp only two pizza at time, maybe bigger better at a lower 8/900. website under construction but soon my building pics.


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                              Re: 60'' internal oven

                              i am building a 60 " oven and am about 2 weeks from completing the build .
                              just down load the plan and adjust the size to suite 60"' floo.r
                              all so you need to place a re-moveable floor if your using brick so dont build the wall on top of floor as you will have a have to replace it@ some point