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Oven for food truck - having trouble finding the perfect oven

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  • Oven for food truck - having trouble finding the perfect oven


    I am in the process of putting together a mobile pizza business and could use some advice on an oven.

    Currently we are baking our pies at about 700 degrees in a Blackstone propane oven at home. They are Neapolitan style (not 900, but slightly chewier 700 bake), 48 hour cold fermented, 10-12 inch pies.

    My limitations:
    -weight (the truck back axle is rated for 3500lb)
    -space (I attached a pic showing the area behind the wheel well)

    -we would like to be able to bake 3-4 pies at a time comfortably with good recovery time
    -we need an oven that will give us the bake we are looking for (I assume most deck ovens won't be hot enough to get the 700-750 bake)
    -we need something that won't fall apart on the road

    I'm having a terrible time finding something that will work. We are handy and not afraid of DIY. Also we are open to different technologies/fuels if there is something out there that might fit the bill.

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    If you haven't checked out threads and posts by David S and Karangi Dude (members here), spend some time looking at them. Both of them have put a lot of mobile build information into the forum. As I just suggested to another member, the best way to search this site is by using Google with the following format (entered in the Google search box):

    mobile pizza ovens site:http:community.fornobravo.com

    There are quite a few other builders (of mobile designs) on the forum that will come up with that search...hope that helps.

    p.s. Creating a platform on top of a trailer bed for the oven and putting drawers & storage underneath does lots of good things for unifying the build & utility. Building your oven in the bed of the truck will make things much more difficult logistically IMHO...
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      If you haven't already, check with our host's Link Forno Bravo's Mobile Pizza ovens. for some info. They have worked with a lot of mobile pizza oven businesses.They may have had an install similar to yours. I'm going to alert Alex_FB . I bet that his team can give you some great advice.
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        Thanks! I will check those out.
        I normally am a forum lurker that reads everything, but have had trouble finding some good threads. I'll try out the google search.

        wanted to mention this is a 18ft typical food truck stepvan

        My main issue with the forno ovens I've seen around is finding a stand setup that will fit into my space and not weight too much. I think anything over 3000 lbs is probably pushing the limits of road safety in that truck.


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          Thanks Gulf ! RoguePizza You're right - It's certainly difficult to find a centralized location with vast information specific to pizza trailers and trucks. My suggestion would be to fill out our contact form (I'll link to that below) and speak with Anthony/Tim regarding your specific needs. Since both of them consistently help with the logistical / technical aspects of custom pizza truck builds, they will be able to 1.Put you in contact with somebody that had a similar build and 2. Give you suggestions on what oven would meet your requirements. We released a Trailer Edition of our Proffessionale 110 and 120 that might be just what you need. I'm in the process of updating the website with that information but won't get to it for about two weeks.

          Hope that helps! Would love to see your build when it is finished if you just Direct Message Me .

          Cheers -

          Contact Form: https://www.fornobravo.com/contact-us/