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  • Chimney Position

    I am building a 60inch internal size wood burning oven for a restuarant and would like to know the best position for the chimney. having at front of entrance seems to be most common but hides beauty of oven, having at centre I would think results in a lot of heat loss. Please advise. Rgds Lucio

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    The way it was explained to me you ALWAYS put the smoke out above the door, but then you can create a flow path to a chimney that is set back. That's how mine is build with the chimney itself set back about a foot from the front.


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      Lucio, I have built both types..the 'squirrel tail' with chimney laying on the dome and exiting upward at rear. And the direct vent, straight up from the smoke matter which way you send the smoke, you must pull it off the front between the inner arch of the dome itself and the outer arch.
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        Windage FYI, Lucio post was from 2018.
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