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Gritty and sandy Pizzas :(

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  • Gritty and sandy Pizzas :(

    I have had my over a bit over a year. It was running solely on wood for 6 months or so and the last six months solely on gas. Recently a table complained that the pizza was sandy and crunchy. I went and cleaned the crap out of the oven and for the first time ever all that I was cleaning was red sand from the bricks, not ash. Anyone have any advice? I have no idea how to fix this...

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    Hi Patricia,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm very sorry to hear about the problem with your oven. My first thought is that sand is not used in dense firebrick. From what type of firebrick is your oven constructed? There will probably be many more questions, but a product description from the brick's manufacturer would help.
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      we need to know what kind of oven..kit or brick built..what is the floor made of..brick or soapstone?
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