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Two smaller ovens V one large oven for trailer

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  • Two smaller ovens V one large oven for trailer

    Dear All, I have a 20 foot x 8 foot trailer base with duel axle and good weight capacity. i currently have one larger oven with 110 brick arch a smaller vault oven 50mm thick refractory arch. So I have some sort of an idea but what are the compromises between say a round 50 inch oven and two 37 inch x 30 inch tunnel types with 2 inch thick high density refractory and 3,5 inch floor. venues will vary considerably so for this reason I am considering two ovens. of course I can choose to fire one or both. further if numbers dwindle i can allow the fire to dwindle a bit and chuck a small piece on when customers turn up etc. the trailer is a real beauty. its structural aluminium and will take a large single oven but it will also be easier for me to put two smaller ones on. that said i want what is best. thanks for your help gents

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    I have spoken to two operators who have done the same thing and they both said it was a wise decision. As you point out you can tailor your output to the crowd you're catering for. It also has the advantage of still being able to pump out pizzas if you decide to recharge the floor of one oven while the other is cooking.
    There is a pizzeria in Vico Aquense on the Amalfi coast (can't remember its name), that sell their pizza by the cm. that's known as the University of Pizza. They have three ovens that they use depending on demand.
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      Thanks David. its good to know as quite a commitment, i didn't think of the downtime recharging. but those minutes drag on when you have hungry people waiting.
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