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Roma Commercial Pizza Oven - Gas

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  • Roma Commercial Pizza Oven - Gas

    Hey everyone,

    I have taken over a new chef position, and have started working with a Roma Commercial Pizza oven that is gas ... not woodfire.

    I have never used a pizza oven like this. The restaurant was currently cooking pizza's at 500 degree's Fahrenheit.

    I find the pizza is not crispy up enough. I have tried turn the oven up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, but the bottom of the pizza burns before the dough is fully cooked.

    If anyone has any suggestions or information on working with this oven, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand woodfire ovens are "better", but I have to work with what I have.

    Thank you,


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    James, nobody is going to look down at you for cooking with gas - especially as you are using one of our FB hosts ovens! I don't know anything about that type, but you will probably have to answer a few questions about dough, toppings, etc for folks to be able to help.
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      That's interesting. Have a residential FB oven (40 in Casa 2G) with the gas hook-up and have found that the gas heats the dome to temp before the floor. I also throw a few logs in to get everything to temp quickly.

      Maybe if you showed some pics of your set-up the guys here (that are a lot smarter than me) could opine.