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New Oven from Ebay...MAM 505,,I think..

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  • New Oven from Ebay...MAM 505,,I think..

    This is a "factory overstock", $2900, I think there is one more left on ebay. I bought it this weekend and haven't seen it yet. It will probably be a week or so before it gets here. The guy's name is Emiliomiti, The oven is 70" across and I think it is the same as a MAM 505. I built my own "white" oven (double decker with the firebox underneath) about a decade ago, and have been a humble student of pizza my whole life, ever since that awesome wood fired pizza I had in Venice, Italy in 1972. My back yard oven is really nice, but tiny compared to this. I think this is made in Modena, that's-a-nice, Ferrari country....Oven Picture below
    I am opening a little BBQ and Pizza shack next to my motorcycle/ATV shop. Create some buzz, some traffic, and have some fun and some decent food. The food in this town sucks.
    Any info anybody has on these ovens would be appreciated. I did find the one thread on here of the guy who put one in his backyard...nice.

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    Re: New Oven from Ebay...MAM 505,,I think..

    Please send link for auction. I would like to see that.


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      Re: New Oven from Ebay...MAM 505,,I think..

      PIZZA BRICK OVEN - eBay (item 190286164744 end time Feb-20-09 17:34:51 PST)

      That is the link to my deal. I don't yet see a new link for the other oven. It may not come up. I have been watching ebay for a used brick oven for months. There was one last fall that came out of a restaurant back east. It is pretty easy to get stuff from California shipped to New Mexico, stuff from back east is expensive. I am getting this shipped from San Fran for $550, which I think is great, that's a thousand miles. I notice on the website that the new models are called EMM 505. I think the white stuff in the picture is plastic covering stainless steel...that would be cool, I thought it was stucco.
      I can't wait to see it. My white oven is a barrel vault, and it is a one pizza at a time oven. It is fun for the backyard/pool, but not a good commercial design.


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        Re: New Oven from Ebay...MAM 505,,I think..

        Now, now. Those guys are competitors -- even if they don't have UL.
        Pizza Ovens
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          Re: New Oven from Ebay...MAM 505,,I think..

          That's 70 inches on the outside ??

          (competition is good, right James?)
          sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!