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Why should a oven door have mass?

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  • Why should a oven door have mass?

    I have seen a number of oven doors that seem to incorporate some kind of castable that fits inside the arch, sometimes with vermicrete as well. I have extra insblock19 left over, and was planning on steel wrapped around the 2 inch insulation. Perhaps that will defeat the purpose as the heat will go around the insulation via the steel. I do know someone who used to work on gas turbines, and they made access doors, but the heat would come thru the bolts holding the door together.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Why should a oven door have mass?


    I'm barely into the soldier course construction on my oven, but have fanciful plans for a door to include steel construction, Insblock 19 interior, two handles, a 'door-stop' to lean the door open onto, and a thermometer. Even if the steel is 1/8", I don't believe there is enough steel mass to transfer that much heat out the front of the oven. If I am incorrect on this, I will make a thermal ceramic 'jacket' to hang on the outside of the steel door.


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      Re: Why should a oven door have mass?

      Some people build their oven doors like they were building blast furnaces. Your plan sounds perfect to me, but then my door is just a piece of half inch plywood. I've set aside a piece of insblock19 for just such a door as the one you plan.
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        Re: Why should a oven door have mass?

        Your door is exactly what I did, 2 inches of InsBlock 19, wrapped in steel (well, the outside is 1 inch of red oak actually. Check out my main thread (http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/21/3...e-7878-31.html) or website for photos.

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