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gas fired oven and the chimney question

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  • gas fired oven and the chimney question

    Im asking again as I watch a contractor install a gas fired pizza oven commercial grade. Is it necessary for the chimney to be a "grease" duct chimney if theres no grease coming from pizza you surely don't fry the pizza its baked. Or is the contractor just doing this for more expense and profit in his pocket? Im asking because the folks who are having this oven installed are friends and they are not here to see the process of the building thats taking place

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    Re: gas fired oven and the chimney question


    First off, the pedigree: Strabane, County Tyrone/Draperstown, Derry(mother's side), and Dublin (father's side, way back). I can't be entirely sure with a gas fired oven, but surely with a wood-fired pizza oven the heat is so high that the need to install a grease-trap chimney is completely unnecessary. However, you might be up against a building code requirement in your location. I'd check into that. If there isn't one, I'd really question the reasoning behind what the contractor is doing. Installations are done on a regular basis with double-walled stainless chimney pipe. There are no grease issues. I'd bow to James' expertise with the gas-fired version, though.

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      Re: gas fired oven and the chimney question

      Hi Jim
      thanks for the info and you could be correct on that code knowing the health inspector here, I had to actually cook one hot dog for him when my wife and I purchased a hot dog cart. It was rather funny when he called his supervisor on the heating of hot dogs and the temperature required his supervisor replied "the hot dogs are already cooked it is only a matter or heating them." As for pedigree me mums mum was born in Co. Kildare and me da his da was from England me mums da was from Co. Wicklow. My wife was born in Dublin and grew up in Walkerstown we met in Co. Kildare and after research we found that our great great great granparents lived only 10 miles apart. Interesting. Now as I see the progress of this installation of the gas fired oven they have placed it in a large opening with what seems to me no way of inserting a brick front to the oven and properly enclosing it. But then as me wife says "tis not your worry they make the mistake the owner will deal with them." Guess shes right
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