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"Light Duty" Pizza/Bread Oven

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  • "Light Duty" Pizza/Bread Oven

    Hi All

    I've poured my foundation and am getting started on the stand for what I plan to be a "light duty" pizza and bread oven. Since there is just my wife and me our main motivation is to bake 6 to 9 loaves of bread every couple of weeks or so and an occasional pizza or ten. Living in arid Arizona we want an oven that heats relatively quickly, using minimal fuel. The design of Perk1018 with bricks cut and arched using the broad face to form a semi-circular arch is our starting point. This give 2.5" thickness which is similar to that of the Forno Bravo kit ovens. The neck would reduce to the vent area like most ovens rather than have an integral flue like Perk 1018's. With adequate insulation it should easily hold sufficient heat for a single bake cycle. Has anyone else gone this route?

    My hearth slab will be sufficiently large that if at some future time more masonry mass is desired for additional baking cycles it could be added above, and the hearth bricks turned on their sides - adding additional bricks as necessary. With the semicircular arch there would be plenty of room.

    I plan to use 3 or 4 inches of ceramic board insulation beneath the hearth bricks and at least 3" of ceramic fiber blankets around the oven. We're still debating the enclosure.

    Also, I plan to simply cast the hearth slab across the openings in the "H" shaped stand rather than use angle iron supported blocks across the openings. I'll add extra rebar in those areas for strength. I will be using 1/2 inch cement board (well supported beneath) under the slab and simply leaving it in place when the cement cures. This will give me better access into the base. Is there a down side to doing it this way that I haven't thought of?

    Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated.