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    I have been searching around to decide what I am going to do for a chimney. My main consideration was to have it seal well at the base when it rains.

    I was going to do a ss round flue with cowl with an outer flue so I can seal it at the outer flue base with heat resistant silicone..... but then I saw a cheap windkat cowl on ebay

    Has anyone used a windkat flue on a wfo. I thought it might fit nicely on pompeii oven. Then I would do a brick outer chimney with an inner ss flue.

    I will just need to think through how best to make rain proof.

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    Re: WindKat Cowl

    Brett, I haven't used one of those cowls....I chimed in here to assure you there is no easy way (read short cut) to do this if you want some kind of permanence.
    Lee B.
    DFW area, Texas, USA

    If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

    I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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      Re: WindKat Cowl

      Thanks Lee. All the work you have done compiling the links is really great. I used those links to work through my inner arch like GianniFocaccia, KarangiDude & Sharkley. I am really happy the way it worked out.

      I have ordered the Windkat so will let you know how it goes. At the moment I am thinking it is going to be just as easy to do an enclosure as it would be to do a dome over the insulation and then do all the weather proofing of the dome.