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  • stucco finish question

    Ok so I got my oven insulated last night and ready to mesh and stucco it now just wondering what mix to use or more to the point should I use a lime mix or just an ordinary Portland mix? I'm going to mix it about 4 to 1 with some sharp sand in the first coat for extra strength.

    I'm unsure as I know the lime will let it breath but as I understand it will let water in as well as out but will have better strength and probably crack less than just cement. Any thoughts? Being in England I want the most water tight finish I can get as there won't be a roof over the oven so I may take some hammer in winter!

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    Re: stucco finish question

    Being in England, you have access to hydraulic lime, use that and you are GTG.


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      Re: stucco finish question

      If doing a few coats of stucco/render each subsequent coat should be leaner than the previous one. Ie more lime less cement. The brew I use is 4:1:1 silica sand, cement, lime.
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