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Oven finished - almost

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  • Oven finished - almost

    All I have left to do is grout the tile and I'll be done. I attached a few picks of a cabinet I had built for storage etc. I added more fiber insullation between the top of the cabinet and the bottom of the pedestal. I will say, it worries me some, when I had the party where I kept the fire going pizza hot for 7 hours, the cabinet was not hot, but when I woke from my haze the next morning, it was warm to the touch, not hot, but pretty warm. I may be making a modification and cutting an inch off the bottem to give it a bit more room and safety space. Then again, that's why you have insurance, right?

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    Re: Oven finished - almost

    Keep an eye on that one. You don't want the cabinet to start loooking charred. (or burn down the house).

    I like the copper cover on the chimney. Can you say how you did all of that? Is there a double wall stainless pipe inside there?

    Looks nice.
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      Re: Oven finished - almost

      Does look very nice! I might suggest using the insulation that contractors use on hvac vents, has the foil backing on both sides. You could wrap the top and sides of the cabinet. I have found a lot of the heat can be reflected with that, its thin and works quite well. I have seen it used around water heaters and such and that is probably about how hot it would get on the seep through of the floor slab.
      Nice work!
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        Re: Oven finished - almost

        James, there is double wall inside. I posted a pic of it under the insullation section. It's rated to 2200 degrees. The copper is the coolest of all of the oven.

        I have a buddy in the sheet metal business in town, a couple of his guys sculpted it from scratch onsite. We had an issue where the vent intersected the ceiling and roof, ran into the hip, so we had to come off the oven with and elbow, then up through the roof. Off center a bit, or you could say it has character!

        Dutch, thanks for the tip, will look into that.