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  • Tell me if I'm nuts

    Been planning an oven for several years but keep getting hung up on placement. The biggest challenge we've had is due to the rather significant trailing slope of the backyard and a row of large trees needed for shading the house from afternoon sun. These constraints lead to keeping the oven close to the house. The house has a walk-out basement while the kitchen is up one floor, same level as the upper deck. All things considered, here is the design we believe is the best placement. One concern we have is the length of the chimney. The chimney would be appox. 30ft of 10" O.D. Duratech double-wall pipe venting up over the roof. 2 30 degree bends and pipe is appox. 4" off side of house.

    I appreciate you opinions and ideas! Am I nuts or should I go back to the drawing board?


    My images were very small, here are some external links

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    Have your finally started your oven build?