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    Been planning an oven for several years but keep getting hung up on placement. The biggest challenge we've had is due to the rather significant trailing slope of the backyard and a row of large trees needed for shading the house from afternoon sun. These constraints lead to keeping the oven close to the house. The house has a walk-out basement while the kitchen is up one floor, same level as the upper deck. All things considered, here is the design we believe is the best placement. One concern we have is the length of the chimney. The chimney would be appox. 30ft of 10" O.D. Duratech double-wall pipe venting up over the roof. 2 30 degree bends and pipe is appox. 4" off side of house.

    I appreciate you opinions and ideas! Am I nuts or should I go back to the drawing board?


    My images were very small, here are some external links

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    Have your finally started your oven build?


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      That is very interesting. I am not sure if any of my concerns are founded but I did have two.

      1) That long of a run might be hard to start airflow and the oven would have a tendency to smoke out the front. Once you got the air flowing it should be fine, but the start might involve some finagling with the airflow.

      2) Just make sure that the run is held off of your house. It might also be suggested to put up some metal sheeting behind the pipe. Pizza ovens should* burn clean without soot but it probably won't all the time. This could lead to fires inside the chimney as the air is so hot. Having the two walled pipe is good insulation, but watch for fire shooting out the top. Maybe install a door somewhere along the way where you can inspect the buildup of soot on the inside now and then.

      This post is super old, does that mean that you have done it?


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        I'm also interested in seeing updates on this old post.

        Any inputs from us now are probably futile because they're already cooking in the finished oven...But one thing though, this design has the oven 1 level below the kitchen, which is a bit far from where the action is. One could have built a 1 floor high brick/concrete structure to bring the oven up to the level of the deck, and then cover that. That way you would have easy access to the oven from the kitchen, and you might then have a large storage space underneath.
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          The taller the flue the greater the draw. Suggest you use a shorter length first and see how it performs. A tall glue pipe will require some stays located around the top third of the pipe.
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            You're nuts


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              Pizza oven at basement level then knock a hole in you kitchen wall and build a smoker. The chimney flue can pass through the smoker...smoker can be used to warm up the flue before lighting the pizza oven, inspection chamber and that's nuts
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