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Ohio weather proofing

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  • Ohio weather proofing

    I'm finishing up my 42 Pompeii oven, not sure how to finish the outside. Should I build a enclosure with a roof, or just stucco/ tile the outside?

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    One of the biggest problems in long-term use of a WFO is getting water/moisture into the insulation batting or board. Water has a way of finding its way into the insulation of any dome exposed to the elements unless you do consistent maintenance. Although, with a couple of fires you can virtually always get the insulation dried out again...it is kind of a pain in the fanny. There are lots of options to make your outside Pompeii coating "water resistant", whereas building an enclosure over the oven pretty much eliminates any "wet insulation" potential. For my money (or I guess it would be your money ), I'd do an enclosure over your oven. Putting a little larger roof over it also gives you the option to stand/work the oven while out of the rain & snow

    If you have the room to build a roofed & screened area around the oven, you will be able to enjoy a much extended entertaining season...without the biting/stinging bugs.

    Lots of folks on this site have built beautiful ovens and entertaining areas both with and without enclosures. It's really up to your budget, local weather expectations, and how much you intend to use this oven throughout the year. There can't be a right or wrong answer from us...this is your decision. No matter what you decide, I strongly suspect you are going to love using your new oven!
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      Thanks!! So I can build a brick outer "shell" with a roof, then can loose fill with vermiculite? I love Jaime Oliver's brick oven


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        I could build something like this and it would be fine??I've been reading alot about steam vents as well


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          You could but, the number of days per year that you could operate it would probably be much lower than if it were under a roof imo. I'm planning to build one for my kids in Eaton, Ohio. It will have a roof over it.
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