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Another weather proofing question

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  • Another weather proofing question

    I am in the northern part of the midwest and trying to figure out the best way to make my oven more weather resistant.
    I found this at my local box store "Heavy Duty Water proofing base coat"
    It seems to check all the boxes I need. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

    edit. Hmm I tried to add the link but is goes only to the menards homepage. Also it complains when i remove the link

    Thank you.
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    Search the product name. You may be able to add a direct link, bypassing meynards.
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      I have updated the link. Is this something other people have used?
      Or any thoughts?


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        Is this something you want to use on an existing oven or for new construction. Several builders have used synthetic blend stucco mixes, others 100% acrylic paints over render. So need a little more info on what stage of the oven is at. Pictures help.
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          Waterproofing the oven is not necessarily the best option. Remember that sealing whilst preventing water entry also holds water in. Traditional Italian ovens are typically outside, uncovered and unsealed. The decision on whether to waterproof the exterior is largely determined by the climate in which you live. A roof over an unsealed oven is probably the best solution, however that involves quite an expense. Also sealing the outside will not prevent the uptake of moisture from the atmosphere. We live in the tropics and during our wet season, even if it hasn’t rained, 90% humidity days will see the oven take up moisture again, inside one week. So after an hour of firing the exterior is quite hot, indicating that the insulation layers are moist and conducting heat.
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            I agree with Dave on this point. A roof covering the oven, (and also where you stand to work, the oven) is the best option. The roof not only protects the oven from the elements, it can also extend the number of days per year that the oven can be operated. However, if a roof over the oven is not in the plans, waterproofing is the next best option..........provided that the insulation layers are elevated above the water table and that proper venting is provided for the shell of the oven. Mosture from humidity is much easier to ebate than flooding imo.
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