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Oven repairs and modifications

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  • Oven repairs and modifications

    Just done a modification on this oven. The 25 mm under floor insulation that the kit had supplied was ceramic fibre blanket. Apart from the blanket density not being sufficient to support the 24 mm floor tiles without some compression, it had become completely soaked with water most probably from driving rain via the oven mouth and had deteriorated somewhat. There was also a layer of aluminium foil between the blanket and supporting slab which further traps in moisture. This was removed. In addition, as shown, the outer shell has cracked around the flue pipe. and water running down the pipe can easily find its way into the oven and eventually to the under floor insulation. A third problem is the corrode steel reinforcing used near the mouth rebate.

    The remedy was to first drill some holes through the supporting slab to allow an exit for future moisture ingress. The holes were covered with insect screen, Then a 5:1 vermicrete layer was troweled in to a depth of 37 mm. While 35 mm is certainly on the minimal side, it raises the floor tiles by a further 12 mm, but still allowing the floor tiles to be locked in by the entry casting in front of it.

    High temperature silicon was used to plug up around the flue pipe (most surprised to see that it wasn't stainless and only slight signs of corrosion) and also fill the cracks. Can't do anything about the corroded reinforcing bar, but it confirms the view of its unsuitability as a reinforcing material in a high temperature application.

    It will be interesting to see how the oven performs once the vermicrete is completely dry and the floor replaced.

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