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Flue dampening??

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  • Flue dampening??

    Is it worthwhile fitting a flue dampener?
    My oven is outside so smoke is not an issue, but thinking of when Iíve finished cooking for the day if I have a flue dampener combined with a well insulated door, it will retain heat in the oven lot longer. After all heat does rise and it will go up the flu and get colder quicker

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    Sounds like your flue is inside the oven and not outside of the door arch, yes you are going to loose most of your heat up the flue if thats's the case. Most ovens on this site have the flue on the outside of the door arch so that when you put the door on the oven becomes a chamber locking in all the heat.
    A member call Brickie in Oz built an oven with the flue on the inside and had a damper system to control the heat issue, check out his posts


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      Thanks dude! You just reminded me how much of a numbskull I can be
      my flue is on the outer chamber (or will be, Iím just building that section now). I just seen a damper on eBay without even thinking, of course my door will block it off duh!!!! Must take my blonde wig off from time to time