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  • Flue opening

    I have a forno Giordano oven. When I use it smoke comes out the front. I noticed the opening for the flue is not completely round. The opening towards the inside of the oven along the door stop edge is flat.or straight not round. see photo. Is this correct? Should it be round? It appears the opening is not centered correctly creating a smaller opening. Any ideas. Thanks, Patrick

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    Hi Holly Springs,

    Welcome to the forum. I really can't tell much from the pic. Maybe some lighting besides the flash will help. However, there are a few things that can limit or add to the the amount of smoke that comes out the front of the oven. My advice is to always use dry wood, pre heat the flue, and to not overload the oven with wood. Also, look for the "top down method" for lighting the oven.
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