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How to solve water leaks

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  • How to solve water leaks

    We built a primo2G120 approximately 11/2years ago. We live in Tucson where monsoon rains are common during the summer. But until 2 months ago I never had an issue with water penetrating the oven. During the past 2 months we have had some severe storms and water did get into the cooking area. I found a slight crack running around the bottom edge of the oven where it met the horizontal surface. I caulked and filled the crack but during the last rain water still entered the oven.. I use both gas and wood. I was able to re-cure the oven twice. I was thinking of applying a rubberized paint to waterproof the dome. My concern is whether this is a good option or is there a better approach?

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    Maybe you can clarify, when you mean rain getting into the cooking area are you meaning through the door opening, around the perimeter of the base or some place else? The door opening is an easy fix, Make a storm door that cover the outside opening. My guess the CaSi board is sitting directly on the concrete hearth so any water that comes through saturates the board and recuring is the only way to dry out. Wet insulation is one of the main oven performance problems with open air ovens. Nothing you can do about it now but on the forum this is discussed a lot by raising the insualtion off the hearth surface, A couple weep holes in the hearth might help if you have access to drill in from the bottom of the hearth. Ideally, a cover over the oven and a storm door are you best options.
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