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How to waterproof or build roof

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  • How to waterproof or build roof

    HI. I built a dome pizza oven outdoors covered with blanket and granite stone about 3 years ago. I assumed the granite would be waterproof but after a rain the firebrick and especially cooking floor base (floor is sitting on top of 2" ceramic pad) become damp, leading to slow heat up and some cracking in the firebrick. The blanket and base pad are like sponges and soak up moisture and water after every rain, extending my warm up into a 2-3 day process. I think rain is able to penetrate the mortar joints between the pieces of stone. I tried a spray on stone water-proofer but found it failed in 1 season and would need to be applied repeatedly so I've decided I need to build a proper roof covering. I am struggling to conceive a proper roof design due to my corner layout. The round oven is not situated perfectly in the center of the corner which is further complicating my effort to design a roof that will look right. I attached a picture ......any ideas??

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    Check out my build thread and you can see how we did the roof for our corner build. We used metal for the roof and a silicone boot that fit tight around the chimney pipe. It was way easier than I thought and since we get a bit of rain here we have been very glad we covered the oven. We found that we needed walls on the sides that the predominant weather comes from as lots of our rain comes in at a rather steep angle due to wind. SableSprings also built a different type of cover for his corner build so check that one out too.
    My build thread


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      Try ferro cement.
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