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Gabled roof vents?

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  • Gabled roof vents?

    Hi everyone I built a gabled roof over my oven and want your thoughts on whether It would need air vents for any reason? As soon as I brick the rest of the sides/overhang it will get harder to go back and cut them in. A part of me thinks there is no reason to vent the structure. It’s been 6 months in the making so I’m getting critical of anything that could lead to problems
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    Judging from the one & only photo, .. things look (almost) perfect. Simply mason up & cover the cinder bloc foundation (which can be done ANY time) and you are good to go.... You have the chimney going thru the roof nicely, .. but do expect on start up of each fire in the oven to have a 2-5 minute smokey soot come out the front until there is established draw of air up and out the chimney. A way to hasten the draw, ... and to reduce or eliminate soot/smoke coming out the front is to warm up the air with a burning rolled up newspaper or the like ....

    In any event, .. we all like photos so upload some more .. from further away, etc.


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      Thanks for your reply. Here is a photo of my latest progress. Just need to get my roof tiles on. Surface grind and seal my ledge. 7 months in so far.