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Chimney height affect cooking?

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  • Chimney height affect cooking?

    I have a restaurant and outdoor oven in a commercial/residential area. Currently my chimney is made of clay and is approx 3 feet high. I’m wanting to increase height so neighbours aren’t bothered by smoke but I’m wondering if the height of chimney can affect cooking temp et?

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    yes - higher chimney typically will draw better - so if anything, you should expect better oven performance. Just make certain that you don't reduce the flue diameter.

    I know that somewhere on the forum that is a chart that trades off oven size vs. flue diameter/height. Not sure where to find it though! We need a files section ^^^ up top next to forums/albums!
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      Good advice. Also, I'm sure that you have noticed that the nasty smelling smoke is on the initial startup when the oven and flue are cold. Preheating the flue can also help get the draw started sooner. That increased draw will help the oven draw more air in at the bottom to the fire. This will help get the initial fire burning faster, hotter, and get the smoke column riding higher much sooner. As you know, once the oven starts reach pizza temps, there is very little to no smoke.

      To answer you question (I’m wondering if the height of chimney can affect cooking temp ?) I don't know. But, imo more draw means more air in at the bottom over the floor.

      You can experiment with a temporary extension to your flue if you want to before committing to a permanent solution. Or, you could try preheating the flue. You could also throw the discards from peeled onions into the oven during startup. That is an old trick that county fair vendors use to make the smoke from their grills smell so doggone good! It wont help with the nasty smell of the cold smoke that is produced for the first few minutes. And it wont be necessary after the oven reaches pizza temps, but it will smell delicious in between those times
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