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  • Steel Vent

    Just finished building my dome, time to finalise my vent design.

    My design goals for landing and vent were:
    1. As shallow as possible, making it easier to reach inside the oven
    2. Thermally insulated from the dome, to keep all heat inside when baking bread
    I was thinking about a steel vent, bolted into the heart. Sealed against the dome with a heat resistant silicone or rope.
    (This would need to be a built-to-order).

    Any nice steel vent designs out there for inspiration?
    Any thought about the proposed design below?
    Does it have to be stainless steel or would regular steel suffice?
    What temperature will the exhaust have?
    Should I consider a double-walled design instead, to keep things acceptably cool from the outside?
    Any ideas of how to treat the vermiculite-steel interface? (eg. how to leave a gap to accommodate for thermal expansion while staying weather-proof) ?