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42" pompeii oven outer shell of oven

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  • 42" pompeii oven outer shell of oven

    Hi, I am Russ. Was wondering if someone could answer a question. Is it necessary, after firebrick is installed on the dome and fiber blanket is on, to put insulated concrete on top of that? I am using regular modular brick on the outside of the dome but was a little confused as to if I had to also add the insulated concrete first. Any help would be appreciated

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    Are you installing the oven in a structure? Then the answer is no you do not need to put anything over the ceramic blanket as long as blanket is secured down, ie tie wire . If you are placing an out brick dome over the blanket as long what will the brick lay against? How much insulation and what type?
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      I am using 1 inch fiber blanket ordered from forno bravo. Was going to double or triple it up depending on how far a 50' roll gets me. No oven structure. Was going to try and finish everything in brick,