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Plaster adhesion to fiber blanket & Cobb

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  • Plaster adhesion to fiber blanket & Cobb

    This is my first pizza oven and I went with a lightweight design as I wasn't sure of a final location in my yard. I built the oven onto a wooden base with handles for moving the oven. I want to do a lime plaster to make it more water-resistant but I am wondering if I could drape some ceramic cloth over it to increase insulation. So cobb, ceramic blanket, then plaster on top. There is a wood base that the ceramic cloth can be attached to. I was thinking of doing a cross pattern that didn't completely cover the oven so that there would still be some cob for the plaster to adhere to. Right now it is 1" of clay-sand mixture and 1" of the clay-sand mixture with straw.

    The question is, should I just give it a go and see what happens or not bother with this extra effort?