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Vitreous Enamel Flue - any reason not to?

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  • Vitreous Enamel Flue - any reason not to?

    Does anyone know if these “vitreous enamel” black flue pipes are suitable? They do refer to wood burning stoves and 600 degrees Celsius temperatures? Are they ok?
    Id really like black rather than steel colored.
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    I hope so as it's the one I went for too.


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      Did you manage to dig up any more info about this Mullster

      I've been doing a bit more searching but can't find any thing mentioning vitreous enamel flues specifically.

      I did find a lot of recommendations to use stainless steel as it would be the most durable, it contains chromium which makes it more corrosion resistant which is better for outdoor use.

      The vitreous enamel should hold up to the heat and protect the pipe from corrosion but I'm not sure the pipe it's self is made from stainless steel. On the listing for the one I've bought it just says its a zero carbon steel, from another quick bit of googling it seems low carbon steels maybe slightly more rust resistant than higher carbon steels but not to the same level as stainless steel.

      So, as long as the enamel stays in place it "should" last for years.

      This is the one I have

      I too preferred the look of a black pipe and did find this listing for a stainless flue but it is "painted" black which put me off slightly, I though the enamel flue would be more durable than paint.

      I need to have a removable flue on my oven. I can keep the larger section inside and away from the elements but there will be a smaller section that will be permanently fixed to the oven.

      Another consideration is a twin walled flue, again from searching it seems they help to retain heat in the oven a lot better than a single wall flue but I guess this depends where the flue is situated on your oven and if the oven door is in front or behind the flue when in place?

      Maybe david s or UtahBeehiver can shed some more light on the matter or any one else of course
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