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Building a Pizza Party/Maximus clone

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  • Building a Pizza Party/Maximus clone

    I have long wanted to build a dome oven out of steel. I want rapid heat, good distribution, and quick cool down. No such product exists. I thought about inverting firepit bowls but that's too costly. However the PP/Maximus seems to get very good reviews. A square base with a rounded top, perhaps the best middle ground instead of a dome? I encountered a diesel fuel tank on craigslist that i intent to cut down as the 'outer shell'. Looking at photos of this oven online it seems very doable to make this. The top piece would be 36" wide and deep, 24" high, so almost exactly the size of the maximus prime. The arch curvature will differ slightly but i don't know it that's a huge deal. I priced out all the sheet metal (20 gauge cold rolled sheet) with exact cuts done by the mill for me, ceramic 6# blanket two layers, support pieces, firebrick splits for the floor, and me making a cast refractory front piece (haven't figure door yet). All in i'm looking at $434 (without door). Seems like an obvious "go" in my project mind since the maximus prime is $1600. I wanted to gauge the people who currently own one to chime in on what they think needs improvement. I went with cold rolled due to ease of welding and the fact that it's interior so stainless seems pointless. If i'm really concerned about moisture and surface rust then i'll spray it with high heat enamel paint or something.

    As for the chimney, it's hard to find nice 5" stuff so I'll use a 6" pipe. Single wall with a damper, i don't see the need for double or triple wall design. The front piece i'm not yet sure if i want a dense castable like mizzou or a lightweight castable like kastolite. The concept of these ovens is the metal refracts to heat quickly and the ceramic i'm thinking the front cast should be more insulative, something like kastolite. Or even go real cheap and do a 4:1 perlite/pumice blend.

    So for those who have one, any tips for design? What do you wish it did better?

    I'm also going to run a pipe burner through the front for propane as another fuel option. I was going to copy the smaller 27" oven but i saw this fuel tank and its 36" wide, the size of the prime. Go big or go home right?