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    Hi all.
    I was wondering if anyone has done a mosaic finish using small square mosaic tiles rather than Broken tiles.
    I really want to finish my oven in a neat clean mosaic similar to below but I’m not sure how easy or hard it’s going to be, not to mention the amount of time it’s gonna take.

    woukd love to see some oven pics of anyone thats attempted or done it. I’ve had a search but could only find images of the broken tile affect that seems popular.
    thanks in advance.

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    This is a common look with tiles on an oven. The problems created with tiling over compound curves are what led Gaudi to develop the Tren Cadis technique (broken tiles). The same problem occurs using tiles on sheets. The technique is to select smal tiles and cut single rows off the sheets and glue them on, starting from the base, one row at a time, until you reach the top.
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      Laying single strips make sense, but even then you’ll get vertical joints that are v-shaped and that go in and out of phase with the previous or next row. And near the top you’ll have to suddenly switch pattern.

      A regular tiling on a curved surface it is always some kind of compromise. If you still prefer that look, then go for it.


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        Here's a funky one.

        Click image for larger version

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          Go to Forno Bravo's retail shop and look under "Gallery", there are numerous examples. That said, IMHO, I would not install tiles unless the oven is protected from the elements. Freezing and thawing wreck havoc on tile surfaces.
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