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Design Styles Page

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  • Design Styles Page

    We have a page on Forno Bravo.com where we have collected examples of the main oven design styles. Take a look. We are always open to recommendations for good sample ovens and design styles. The link is here:


    There is also a PDF that you can download for the worksite.


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    Re: Design Styles Page

    I made an interesting observation the other day. The recommended height of the oven door should be about 62.5% of the internal dome height. If you work this out dome height:door height it is 1.6:1 Now the magic ratio or golden mean is 1.618:1 I believe that this is what the Ancient Romans were using for their plans. It is a number that crops up everywhere in nature and was the basis for the design of the Parthenon and Egyptian pyramids. Interesting Hey ?
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      Re: Design Styles Page

      The Golden Mean - perfect proportion, in western eyes, definitely derived from nature. The basis of the studies of Leonardo Pisano, known as Fibonacci (Phi: 1.618. The 'phinest' source to the golden section, golden mean, divine proportion, Fibonacci series and phi, 1.618. Explore its application to art, design, life, beauty, mathematics, geometry, stock markets, theology, cosmology and more.)
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        Re: Design Styles Page

        James - Many thanks for the links to pictures of various ovens. I am most intrigued by the small image of your avatar - where can I see a larger image of those 2 lovely ovens?

        thanks, breadgrrrl


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          Re: Design Styles Page

          You can find the entire record of Jame's build here.


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            Hi guys, neither of these links will work for me.




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              Apaulo, I think i'd tried to follow that link a few months back, it didn't work for me either. I suspect the link is from an older edition of the forno bravo site. Given the post is from 2006, I suspect the site has been reorganized and either the PDF is not on the site anymore, or in a different location (but this post wasn't updated)
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                Thanks shanxk8


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                  Dave in Calgary -- yours must be the YouTube videos I was watching yesterday! Thank you.

                  I am also looking for the photos and files here, so hoping they can be recovered or redirected.
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