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Can't find a door

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  • Can't find a door

    Is there any outlet for purchasing a door and frame? I have been looking but haven't found anything yet. Looks like I might have to have one made. That would be too expensive. Please help! Also, I saw at least one web site that described the construction of a dome oven with a wood door. I suppose that would work. Does anyone have any experience with wood doors?

    Thanks for the input.


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    Re: Can't find a door

    Hi John,

    I searched for oven doors and frames and OMG !! are they ever expensive. We're talking hundreds of dollars. The next best thing is to measure the oven and make a set of plans to take to a fabrication shop. You might also find a trade school where students will accept the project. You should decide on materials and details before finding a shop since it is likely the fabricator will not have knowledge of wfo's and their needs. He'll be able to do a credible job if you provide photos and examples, but don't expect him to design it for you.

    If you make a wood door then most people use thick oak planks and fashion a handle that doubles as a prop so the door doesn't fall out. You would normally soak the door in water and place it against a hot, empty, oven. When the oven is used for baking bread the wet wood adds moisture (steam) to help make crispy crust on the loaves. Do not place a wood door in an oven that has a live fire. Rake out the coals first.

    The thickness of the door can be 2" to 2 1/2". Avoid gluing planks together to make up the thickness and design the handle so that the screws that hold it in place are put in from the outside. You don't want extreme heat to transfer to the wood from screws or bolts placed on the inside face. A wooden door is rustic and functional and can last a long time if you care for it. If you are going to bake bread or other foods then there is no need to place the door when the temp is 900 deg. If you want to cook the next day with retained heat then, IMO, find something else to cover the entrance.


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      Re: Can't find a door

      Here's my door project. It works great!
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        Re: Can't find a door

        Here's my door...Like Ken, I think it works great.

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