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  • Where in Riverside CA

    I am new to the forum and within New to building a Pizza oven. I only ran across this site 2 to 3 weeks ago. I have just about ran myself ragged trying to find any materials I can use within 400 miles. I so far have only been able to find fire clay and that almost 50 miles away. Being that I have only started I am sure I will find something some where. I would like to ask if anyone lives on the north east side of L.A. if they have any places where I can get the materials. I found a place for bricks on the INTERNET for $2.17 a piece but they wanted $2200 to ship a little over 400 bricks.
    I contacted Rutland and they sent a list of resellers and so far none sell any products I need that Rutland makes. Rumford like wise although 1 had another makes oven they wanted to sell me.

    I don't mind some driving or even paying for shipping but to pay $5.00 shipping to get a $2.17 brick delivered was out of the question. Even here shipping Pompeii90 Oven Kit costs me. $960.00. almost doubling the cost

    So I really need to find the materials close. For one thing I need to stretch out the cost over a couple of months.

    I would really like to get castable refractory cement. As I would like to make my own parts and bricks.

    If you have a vendor who seems to ship at a reasonable price I would be interested also.

    Thank you
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    Re: Where in Riverside CA

    There's a place in Corona that sells fire bricks. PM me and I'll fill you in.


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      Re: Where in Riverside CA

      Foundry service and supply in Santa Fe Springs, Pacific inslulation around SoCal, Pacific Clay for firebrick seconds in Elsinore.

      Give them all a try and don't forget the FB kit would ship..