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Insulating blanket supplier

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  • Insulating blanket supplier

    I found a supplier fo the insulating blanket.
    The same exact stuff from the FB store.
    1" thick 50 square ft per roll. 2300 degree rating.

    Watch the shipping though, if you order one roll its like $30 for shipping, 2 rolls 60 for shipping but if you order all three at once it jumps to $200 for shipping, I called and questioned this and they said thats the shipping company.
    I placed two orders separately to avoid the increased shipping on the third roll.
    Its on sale right now for $59 per roll.
    Follow the link.

    Welcome to ceramicfiberonline.com

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    Re: Insulating blanket supplier

    My name is Erez and I love cooking with wood stoves from Israel
    Can anyone explain the difference between a Spanish clay oven
    And the modular oven of BRAVO FORNO mainly on heat keeping, baking pizzas and longevity
    Thanks in advance for your help


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      Re: Insulating blanket supplier

      I am not familiar with the Spanish clay oven so I dont know the difference, sorry.


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        Re: Insulating blanket supplier

        I purchased my ceramic fiber blanket & ceramic fiber board from skylinecomponents.com.

        I spent a lot of time researching and found the refractory properties an excellent match to the FB Blanket & FB board.
        I advocate support Forno Bravo as much as possible, but living on the east coast, shipping from FB was very pricey.

        The blanket was model BL12T25A & the board was model B12T50A.

        Hope this helps.

        Link to my build - http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...ast-18900.html