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Carrara Marble

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  • Carrara Marble

    I just came across a solid block of Carrara 31"x24"x20" for free. Would love to take a 5" core drill down through the front of it and hollow it out through the mouth. I calculated I can barely cook a 10" pizza and have the walls 3" thick.

    It will be insulated during use, of course. I took a blow torch (propane) to a 1.25" piece of the marble for a few minutes then dropped it into a bucket of water, did that same process once again, then dropped it from a height I thought it would break: it didn't.

    Afterwards I took the blowtorch to a corner of it for a good five minutes to see if it would streak easier and it did. Seems like it just wants to turn to powder at really high heat.

    Carrera is known for its lack of veins, which would be good for inhibiting cracks, but who cares it cracks, I don't mind adhering it back together since it doesn't seem like it wants to shatter into pieces.

    Any advice? *remember its free*

    http://imgur.com/OZH4X Here's a picture of it.
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    Re: Carrara Marble

    Seems like I typed in some search entries into the wrOng search bar before I posted this. Some people here have mentioned that marble turns to dust quickly. Wonder if I can plaster the inside with clay?


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      Re: Carrara Marble

      Marble isn't good for high heat uses. Thermal hysteresis can cause a permanent volume change in the stone, which leads to bowing, cracking, and flaking.

      Carrara marble is known for problems even at "room temperature" on buildings. Thin, flat pieces of Carrara cladding on buildings, for example, will bow because of uneven heating from the sun. The problem is that marble does not respond well to heat from one side, which is precisely what you have when firing an oven.

      I would suggest using the stone for something else. I'm sure it's a lovely block.
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        Re: Carrara Marble

        That is a carving piece.


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          Re: Carrara Marble

          Glad I came here before I commited. Thank you!