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  • insulation?

    Just bought some Roxul FB. I explained to the salesman that I was using it to insulate the pizza oven floor. He told me he gets the request often so I assumed he knew what I needed. When my brother brought it home, the insulation seems like it is too soft to be used under the fire bricks and it will lose its shape. Are the fire boards solidspieces that will not lose their shape when weight is applied? The specs are good ( 1200 degrees) but I am worried about being able to lay the bricks flat and even. If I keep this insulation is there anyway of laying the fire bricks even so they don't move?

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    Re: insulation?

    I ordered some FB board insulation and felt the same way after I received it. The center was rigid enough, but I could put a thumb print into it. Additionally, the corners were dented which made them very soft and the boards were different thicknesses.

    All these things combined made me opt for perlite insulating concrete under my dome. I used a 1:6 mixture 3.5 inches thick to make sure I had the compressive strength to support the oven as well as the insulating properties. I did dome research on the K values and if I mixed it right it should be the same as 2 inches of FB board. Thus far I have only had a single test fire that brought the dome to 350F and the floor to 150F. However, I did make a test piece and heated it on my kitchen stove over a brick and did perform well.

    That being said I have seen many posts and pictures from people that have used the FB board successfully. Perhaps one of them will chime in.

    One thing I learned from reading the posts in this forum is that there are many ways to complete your build. As long as you use quality materials and follow basic principles your oven will turn out OK.


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      Re: insulation?

      Thanks for the response. Did a little more reading and what I have is basically the equivalent of the Insblock 19 insulation which many people use. There is a bit of give when the firebricks are applied but I am worried about over time, how much will that insulation compress. Also, do you need to coat the insulation with a fireclay and sand mixture before the firebrick and will that help with the compression issue?
      I have the option of buying the FB board but it is twice as much.
      Any suggestions?


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        Re: insulation?

        I have access to Perlite and wish to use it to make an insulated hearth, can anybody let me know what grade it needs to be, I have search many website and have no luck. Any help will be greatly appreciated.