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New wholesale Firebricks for under $2 a pc? Are these to good to be true? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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New wholesale Firebricks for under $2 a pc? Are these to good to be true?

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  • New wholesale Firebricks for under $2 a pc? Are these to good to be true?

    Hi everyone, I've enjoyed and learned so much the past few weeks reading, and taking notes.

    I didn't want to be one of those people who comes in asking the repeated questions when the search function works great, so this is my first real post here.
    I already have most my buidling materials being delivered from Lowes this week, almost everything but the firebricks.

    I already had it in my mind 1000+ dollars on fire bricks was a deal breaker for the project, so I settles on busing them used off craigslist.

    So, yesterday afterwork, I went driving around town, went to the masonry patio builder business in town, and thenjoy decided to go to 1 or 2 wholesale type places, seeing if they had 2nd hand brick, or a bunch of uglies they couldn't sell at full price.

    to my shock, he sells fb loose! The warehouse owner said 1.70 a piece!!!!!!! I even had to repeat it to make sure I wasn't hearing what I wanted to hear.
    I asked what I believe are the right questions.
    2 types of fb. 1 rated to 1500, the next to 2500.
    yeeeeep, ours go upto 1500, the 2500 ones are next to the 1500 brick" said the owner.

    the size? It was roughly 9x4x3, which is the same size brick that y'all use.

    So is this to good to be true? New brick for under 2 each? 200 medium duty fire brick will cost me under400?

    I'm about an hour south of Charlotte, I've never known the upstate of SC to be a masonry hotbed of production that would give us access to cheaper materials.

    I cannot begin to express my excitement and nerves with this undertaking of a project. Seeing the success stories of people who never laid a brick doing a great job leaves me believing I'll get the hang of it quick, plus youtube videos and all of the years of discussion here have me knowing I have a good support system to get this job done right.

    thank you to all of you, and I also blame you all for convincing me to spend more than 1500 on something so crazy to try and build. Thank you all, I can't wait until the times I can pass along the knowledge I've learned here already to others.

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    Sounds like a great deal! In Oregon back in 2009, medium firebricks were well over $2 each. I'd suggest buying them asap (and be sure to buy some extras for the brick cutting "learning experiences" ). Better to have some leftovers than to be short on the build

    ...and yes, it is pretty intimidating at first but as you've already seen on the forum and the web...lots of great help available, especially when you take the time to do the research. Looking forward to your build progress and questions as well as the experience you will add to this community.
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      As members and posters to threads, at least for me, it is nice that you do your homework on your oven and not wanting to ask the same question. That said, if you cannot find or you search gives you an answers that is unclear. Please do ask, it is so much easier for us to steer you right before you get to far along down the path. Once the project starts it is much harder to help correct common issues. Most of us have been there and done that and our goals if to have builders be successful. I am one who never did any masonry prior to this project.
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        Sable and Utah, I appreciate you both plus both of your ovens are ridiculously stunning. I've seen them before while lurking here, I've still good got a bit of reading to do and have always enjoyed the science of food and cooking since I was young. I was one of those teenage kids watching Good Eats with Alton Brown , which got me hooked on the "why" and "how" of cooking and learning. But, to both of you, your work is stunning and you're both a reason why I'm starting my own oven. This place is great and if it wasn't for you guys I would have easily used red brick, built a barrel oven, and burned hacks of wood for a baked pizza and some bread a few times before giving up.
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          From my own experience better buy a least 20 or 30 extra brick for the eventual mistake