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  • Good Deal on Fb Board - Ebay

    Hey guys, not sure if I'm allowed to post this (MODs please take this down if it's not allowed), but as I am just started on my 36" WF Pompeii build, I've been scouring all over for Fb Board. I just stumbled across a deal on ebay for mine for 12 SQFT for ~$125 (inc shipping). This isn't my auction, butI was thinking it could help someone out: Search Ebay for Ceramic Fiber Board.

    Following up on Gulf's suggestion, I'm going to use these pavers to elevate the Fb Board off my hearth:
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    Hi Bentedesco,

    Welcome to the forum. "Caveat emptor" on all internet orders. Ebay espescially. You are probably ok with that link. But, I could not find all the info on it that we need to be sure that it is ok for an oven floor. I did not see any info on crush strength. As you have found out shipping costs are a killer. I'm not sure where you are in Maryland but, there are two "Distribution International" locations in Maryland. If one is nearby, you can get all of the product info from them over the phone before you commit to a drive.

    Also, You could get by a little easier and a lot cheaper with 8" X 2-1/4" X 16" solid concrete cap blocks.The price that I am currently seeing @ HD is $1.39 each. "Pavers" were a suggestion. If someone had some old brick laying around, they would work also. The key to all of this for me is repurposing and saving money wherever possible .

    I hope this helps.
    Joe Watson " A year from now, you will wish that you had started today" My Build Album / My Build


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      Thank you sir! I definitely will look into the concrete caps, appreciate the suggestion! Now I'm slightly worried about the Fb Board :-/ I hope its ok, I just saw that it was cheaper and still 2 inches so I pulled the trigger (maybe prematurely)... I'll for sure give Distribution International a call when it comes time to get the Ceramic Fiber Blanket. Once I progress a bit more on my build, I'll post up pictures... I just poured my slab yesterday and I'm just buying up the internet waiting for the cement to set... As ASPLM said... 'it's still cheaper than owning a boat.'

      Thanks again!


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        The seller should be able to offer you a product data sheet with all the specs on the board that you bought. If not, don't give the seller a good rating.
        Joe Watson " A year from now, you will wish that you had started today" My Build Album / My Build


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          So I finally heard back from the ebay seller regarding the Fb board that I bought. Here's the Datasheet, from what I can see this looks legit and half the price of anything else that I can find!

          I compared these specs with the FornoBravo Fb Board Datasheet:

          Does it look like I'm ok to use this to insulate the floor?